Where Exactly Is Home?

by arielilyy3

Home. It is usually thought of as the place in which one lives. I disagree. I moved to the next town over a little over two years ago. It does not feel like home at all. I tend to be alone most of the time (which i’ve learned to like). I can do almost anything i please without anyone knowing. Of coarse i don’t go around finding men to bring into my house but you get the concept don’t you? Well, in those two years i have not yet learned to call my humble abode home. For this place is not where my parents raised me, or where i feel safe, or where i can come in and feel at peace. No this is not the place. Home for me was where i lived my whole childhood. Where i first learned how to tie my shoe, where i played a song on the piano for my family before Christmas Eve dinner, the place i dreamt of the future and what would come of it; that was home. I know i will not be able to go back there – at least not anytime soon. But i do know that another family will be able to grow together the way mine did. I wish them happiness and a different fate then the one my family encountered. Even though i won’t be there, it will forever be in my heart and so will the memories. I will treasure them until i can’t do so any longer. So until that day comes i’ll just keep that sense of home with me everywhere i go. Because home is a feeling, not a place.