500 Days of Summer Review (sort of…)

by arielilyy3

I finally watched 500 Days of Summer and i mostly liked it; except for the fact that Summer insists she doesn’t want a boyfriend or serious relationship, yet leaves Tom so she can go off and get married. However, the film did teach me something quite important that is perhaps, just what i’ve been needing. Simply because there is this guy, and i like him. And everything he does and says makes me think that i might have a chance with him. The only problem is age difference. I often ask myself if it could ever work out or if any of it is on purpose or just pure coincidence.. So at the end of the movie when it says Tom finally realized that all those events were “merely coincidences, and not cosmic destiny” it helps get the idea that this guy might not even like me through my head. That he’s just being nice when he says “Cute cardigan.” or “Cute purse.” or even when he said “Oh you cut your bangs! Nice.” Maybe it’s just those 7th grade girl feelings coming back to me. Back when i thought that if a boy looked at me he was in love. So are these compliments just coincidence or does he mean more?